Sugar Slilca Cat Litter

Small particle silicone cat litter


Price varies according to quantity demanded

Size: 0.25 mm-2.5 mm

Shape:Granulated sugar

Scent: Strawberry, Lemon, Apple, Lavender, Sea Fresh, Orange, etc.

Adsorption capacity: 98%


  • Strong adsorption capacity and fast absorption speed.
  • Easy to use, less garbage, easy to clean.
  • Consumption saving, economical.It is safe to use and is a green product.
  • Beautiful and generous, easy to be accepted by pets.
  • Eliminate dust, so that there is no dust around the floor.
  • More hygienic, inhibit the growth of bacteria and make the environment more hygienic.
  • Strong deodorizing power, preventing the spread of odor by absorbing moisture.