Cat Food Dry

Weight:15kg / Bag.

Guarantee Period:18 Months.


  • Get rid of tear stains and shining coat.

  • Help keeping healthy weight.Low fat low salt and low calorie.

  • Great palatability and high digestion.

  • Rich in Vitamins and nutriment.

  • No artificial preservative,artificial pigment or antibiotic.

Feeding Guide:

  • Suitable for adults and elderly dogs over 6 months.

  • Keep the food dry and fresh water avaliable.

  • Our product contains no artificial pigment,so you may see occasional changes in the colour of the kibbles.

Packaging Details

1. 0.5kg, 1.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, etc.

2.40 HQ 25 tons

3.20 FT 15 tons

What is a good dry cat food?

  • Contains muscle meats and organs.

  • Rich in animal protein.

  • Free from grains, soy and dairy.

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