Automatic Cat Litter Box

Model Number:Round white automatic litter box.

Size:61*61*64 cm.

Shape:Ball Shape.


Rated voltage:DC12V.


Usage:Automatic shoveling of excrement, automatic sterilization.


Advantage:Smart and convenient.

Supply Ability:

10000 Piece/Pieces per Month.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Carton box.


Package:Litter box, manual, power adapter.

Why Do Cats Need Litter Boxes?

An instinctual response.

​Most cats are drawn to using litter boxes because they have a natural instinct toward burying their urine and feces in order to cover their scent.​ In this way, litter boxes are helpful to them and easy to use. Moreover, they are convenient and satisfy these burying instincts. In fact, according to Jordan Cassidy, DVM, cats are naturally drawn to the "texture and consistency" of most litter brands because they make it easy to cover their waste. You might have seen outdoor or stray cats eliminating outside and immediately burying their feces, so it's not just a domesticated cat thing. Historically, cats have been prey to bigger animals. By covering their feces and urine, they were thus able to prevent predators from finding their location. It's a survival tactic.

Eliminating outside the box.

It's rare for domestic cats to eliminate outside a litter box, and it is usually a sign of a problem. If the litter box becomes associated with pain due to a medical issue like a urinary tract infection, you might find that your cat eliminates outside the litter box. Other medical conditions that also affect the frequency or urgency of urination can be cause for eliminating outside the box. There are also age-related diseases that can ultimately interfere with either mobility or cognitive functions – basically affecting the cat's ability to get to the litter box in a timely manner. Contact your veterinarian if the issue persists.

Can dogs use litter boxes?

Though it seems unorthodox, dogs (particularly small breeds) can be trained to use litter boxes. Special dog litter is even available. For people who cannot walk their dogs regularly or want an easier option than pee pads, litter boxes might be a good choice. According to Jennifer Mauger, CPDT-KSA, dog litter has a "unique smell and texture" that won't be confused with other surfaces such as wood floors or rugs. This minimizes the frequency of accidents.